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Providing a legal strategic resource for the defense community in individual cases and in the criminal justice system as a whole through impact litigation.


Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College

Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University

Your Lawyer & Your Lawyer's Lawyer

About Natalee

Natalee Segal is a highly respected criminal defense attorney and partner at Ballecer & Segal, LLP, a law firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a career spanning over two decades, Natalee has established herself as a leading authority in criminal defense, specializing in complex and challenging cases. After graduating from ASU law school in 1995, she worked at the City of Phoenix as a prosecutor for two years, where she met Dan Ballecer. In 1998, Natalee and Dan formed Ballecer and Segal, LLP. While Dan is an accomplished immigration and criminal defense attorney, Natalee’s practice has solely focused on criminal defense.
Throughout her career, Natalee has represented juveniles and adults charged with felonies and misdemeanors at the trial level, and is a capital qualified trial attorney. 
Natalee’s experience also encompasses appeals and post-conviction relief. She has argued cases in both Division One and Two of the Arizona Court of Appeals, as well as the Arizona Supreme Court. Several of Natalee’s appellate cases have resulted in published opinions. Natalee has conducted many post-conviction relief hearings and successfully reversed approximately ten convictions, including one life sentence.
Natalee’s extensive knowledge, dedication to her clients, and remarkable track record have earned her an exceptional reputation in the legal community. As a partner at Ballecer & Segal, LLP, she plays a pivotal role in the firm’s success and continues to be a leader in criminal defense. Natalee offers holistic representation and is often asked to consult and create a trial strategy in complex cases for other defense attorneys.

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Throughout her career, Natalee has achieved remarkable results.

Natalee is a founding partner of Ballecer & Segal, LLP which was established in 1998 and with a focus on criminal defense and immigration. Natalee has been instrumental in the firm’s success, as a partner, she oversees all aspects of the firm’s operations and personally handles each of her client’s cases. Natalee’s expertise encompasses various areas of criminal defense, including adult and juvenile cases, trials, appeals, and post-conviction proceedings.
In addition to her work at Ballecer & Segal, Natalee has been a contract attorney for Maricopa County’s Office of Public Defense Services since 2007 for appeals and post-conviction relief. She represents indigent clients in capital trials, major felony cases, appeals, strategic appellate work and post-conviction relief matters. Her contributions to the field have resulted in published appellate decisions and she has affected several clients directly by reversing their convictions, including a life sentence, through rigorous post-conviction relief hearings.
Natalee also serves as a contract attorney for the City of Phoenix Court Appointed Counsel, where she handles lower court appeals and post-conviction cases for indigent clients. She provides invaluable guidance to trial attorneys and regularly teaches Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes.
Additionally, Natalee has shared her expertise as an adjunct professor at the Maricopa County Community Colleges, teaching the topics of criminal law, criminal procedure, and serial killers from 2007 to 2011.

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