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Natalee is a criminal defense attorney and partner at Ballecer & Segal, LLP, a well respected law firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a career spanning over almost three decades, Natalee has established herself as a fierce litigator and trusted consultant in criminal defense, specializing in complex and challenging trial cases, appeals and post-conviction relief. Her extensive knowledge, creativity and dedication to her clients have earned her an exceptional reputation in the legal community.


Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College

Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University


Legal Representation

Legal Community

I represent those who have been charged with a serious offense or who have been convicted and need representation in appeal and post-conviction.

I consult with other lawyers that need strategic advice, case planning and motion writing. I also consult with civil lawyers whose clients have exposure in the criminal justice system.

Career Highlights

Throughout her career, Natalee has achieved remarkable results.

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At Ballecer & Segal, LLP, we strive to provide the highest quality legal representation in the areas of Immigration Law and Criminal Defense. We have successfully represented thousands of clients, and we will always aggressively represent your interests whether it is before a Judge and Jury, or the Immigration Service. Do not compromise on a matter as important as your freedom. Call today to schedule a consultation!



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